Once you have registered and paid for a Self-Study course, we will mail you a
Participant’s Manual along with study instructions. An instructor will contact
and course work will be submitted to your instructor through email.

Which courses can I take as Self-Study?
Most courses listed on our current training schedule are available as Self-
Study courses. Other courses are also available. If you have a question about
availability -
just ask!

Can I complete an entire Certificate Program using the Self- Study
Because of the flexibility built into our Federal Financial Management
Certificate Track Program, it is possible to complete the entire program using
the Self-Study option. To date, however, no one has ever chosen to do that.
We like to think that is because our on-site courses make this complex
material so much easier to learn.

Is it better to attend a course or take a course Self-Study?
Again, we hear from our participants all the time, that our instructors were so
good that participants learned far more in class than they ever thought they
would. However, in the real world, where professionals are faced with
scheduling and travel constraints, a Self-Study course is sometimes the best

How much does it cost to take a Self-Study course?
We use the same material and instructors for the Self-Study courses, so the
price is the same as that for attending a course at our site.

How long do I have to complete each course?
Self-Study course work should be completed within three months. Most
people choose to finish it in a shorter time frame, however, in order to get the
maximum benefit from the material.

If I start a course as Self-Study, can I later change my mind and attend
the class
Yes, we realize that things change. If you notify us within two months of
receiving your materials and there is room available in the next scheduled
course of the same title, you are welcome to change your registration and

How do I register for a Self-Study course?
Simply call or register online and let us know your intention is to take the
course Self-Study.

Other questions?
Contact us!
Self-Study Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)